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zaterdag 19 november 2016

En eindelijk weer weven, Finally weaving!

We had a nice fall , the tree in front of our house looked very nice and the weather has been good until this week. The cows were out in the fields during the day till november 15th and that is late. We like having our cows outside as much as possible.

As for weaving I haven't been doing much whole summer but that is coming to an end now. 
The Louet Megado is beamed up and I am halfway with threading the heddles. I want to weave some nice teatowels again , I don't know why I like weaving towels so much but I do. I prefer  using my own handwoven ones above the ones that are store bought. 

 So here it is the Megado! hope to finish threading today. and start weaving on monday.
In the meantime there is something else that followed me home becourse once again I am going to build a drawloom! This time it is a keeper, I am so ready for it now.
First I got this 50 shaft shaftdraw system from a nice lady.

It is so complete with all the heddles, weights etc I need.
Than last week I bought an old Glimakra Ideal 100 cm loom to place this on. 
the loom has to be made longer for this all to work out, so my nice neighbour is building me an extension. I had some help and photo's from Karin Myrehed
I was planning on buying the extension for the Ideal from her but she does not make it anymore, she only makes it for the Glimakra Standard. So she told me what to do , with her and the help of photo's from the internet and the 2 dvd's I have I will get there. 

So as soon as this is ready I will let you all know. 
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  1. Congrats to the new loom! It,s tremendous to weave on a drawloom, pure fun :-)

    1. thanks Maliz, I hope to make a warp next week, my neighbour will come and instal the extension monday. Can't wait!